What Can Be Done to Make Your Hips Wider?

Last Updated: November 2016

A lot of women are obsessed with wide hips and are looking out for ways on how to get bigger hips. When you are trying to build your lower body you should know that you must have fat around your thighs and hips so that the fat will cover up the muscles. This can help you add volume around the target area and give you a more rounded look. Mostly people who naturally have wider hips can lose and gain weight and still have big hips because of genetics. However, women who do not gain fat in their lower body can still have a curvy hourglass figure by gaining muscles.

Areas you should focus on to decrease in size

1. Smaller waist

You may have heard this a million times but the smaller you can make your waist while building up your buttocks, the more your hips will look wider and your butt rounder. For getting a smaller waist you have to control your caloric intakes that burn fat from the body. Exercise and health diet helps to increase your rate of metabolism and reduce fat on that area. Today, there are plenty of healthy exercises which help to burn the excess fat around your waistline. Walking, jumping and running are considered as vital factors which burn the extra fat in a natural way.

A good exercise to get bigger hips is twist crunches. To do this correctly you should first lie on your back by keeping your feet flat on the floor and bend knees upwards. After you bend your knees, bring your fingers over the ear. After this you must steadily contract your abdominal muscles. Then lift your body up and down. This is an easy as well as effective exercise which makes your body healthy and strong. If you are interested to know how to get bigger hips, you must follow all the above mentioned instructions carefully.

Start having the right kind of fats as studies have shown that monounsaturated fats in high levels help to prevent fat being accumulate din the belly. Trans fats which are available in cookies as well as other processed foods will deposit fat on your abdomen, so you must avoid such fats. You must take fiber in your diet as they safely help to burn the abdominal fat.

2. Smaller Shoulders

It is important to know that too much upper back and shoulder will create an illusion of smaller hips. Though this is true, if you are already top heavy you should incorporate exercises like pull-ups as well as weight less arm exercises to reduce the appearance of the upper body and make your hips wider. Also know that gaining mass around your thighs and butt may take a little time depending upon your genetics. Each person’s body is different from the other. So, if you can build a vision in your mind and stick onto your main aim with determination on how to get bigger hips, you can see results sooner than expected.


  1. Magan says:

    I really love that stuff.

  2. glam chick says:

    I do squats and the climb method to help my figure. Also to get more curves and pick my weight up Ive been using herbal creme from the islands that has amazing results!

  3. sharender says:

    i do the squats but it looks like i am also loosing the big butt i already had and wanted to make it more bigger.is there anything i can do about it ?

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