Techniques to Get Bigger Hips

A few women are born with a wide pelvis bone naturally which helps give an illusion of wider hips. However, there are some women who have to work hard to get bigger hips. All of us have muscles on the side of the hip but they are not really big muscles. If properly stimulated, these muscles will grow like any other muscles on your body. You cannot be scared to challenge your body if you want to know how to get bigger hips. Having bigger and rounder hips and butt does not mean being overweight. Building muscles in your lower body will help you lift as well as tone the muscles in your buttocks, while defining your hips. You may use strength training for accomplishing this along with aerobic exercises which engage the hips and butt for further conditioning.

Exercise to do to get a bigger butt

Do cardiovascular exercises to take the drudgery out of working out. The muscles of your hips and butt should be engaged while doing aerobics by taking spin classes, working on elliptical, jogging, walking briskly or bicycling. Do butt lifts for tightening, toning and lifting the butt muscles as well as hips. For this lie on your back with hands lying rested on the sides, then squeeze your upper legs as well as knees together. Lift your butt as well as knees from the ground so as to make a straight line with the body from knees to the chest. Hold on for 2 counts before lowering your buttocks to about 2 inches above the ground. Repeat this up to 30 times every alternate day. Well, you can get a bigger butt by following these simple tips.

How to get the curvy, hourglass look?

If you want to know how to get bigger hips, continue reading the article. While working out you should understand that you need a nice amount of fat which will cover up your muscles as this can give you more volume on the butt and hips. Only people who are born with wide hip bones can lose fat in the hip area and still have wide hips. This is due to their wide hip bones. You will not get a wide hip bone by weight lifting, but you can gain muscles around those areas which will create the curvy look you desire. The smaller the midsection, smaller your waist is, the wider your hips appear; however remember to stay with a nice amount of fat on your hips and butt. This means that you cannot lose too much on your hips.

Things to bear in mind

Do not build too much shoulders and arms or back in proportion to your lower body. This is because too much shoulder can give the illusion of smaller hips. Wide or broad back will give you more upper body and your waist will look fatter. Moreover, too much arm can give you a beefy look; in comparison to your lower body, the upper body must be toned and fit and your lower body must be thicker and wider. Well, these are some of the best ways of how to get bigger hips naturally.


  1. How do you get the bigger butt smaller waist and wider hips?

  2. Do i need to excercise every day to gain the size i wanted for my hips or i nees to skip 1 day inorder for it to grow?

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